project updates

i’ve got a few projects i’m working on right now!

purses!!  ooh,  yeah.  i’ve actually made three of them – all crochet – but i now need to line them.  i’m not a sewer sewing person.  i mean, i’ve done it, but i was pushed into it so hard during my youth, that i just can’t stand to do it now.  but here i go.  i’ve actually come up with some cool ways to get around a lot of stuff (and the lack of a sewing maching_.  I’ll hold off on the details of how i’m getting around it until i can prove out that these things can be done this way.  hahahaha

so – since i’ve no personal photos of my work to show (but i assure you – it’s all beautiful!) i’ll load you down with photos of other folks work that is close enough to what I’ve done.

So, this first back is from the same pattern i used “Stitch ‘n Bitch – The Happy Hooker”.  My bag is black, no ribbon and no weird octopus.  Lining to come…

Lori & Friends Homemade Creations

photo credit: Lori & Friends Homemade Creations

Ok – this one only vaguely resembles my next purse.  Mine is in green cotton thread, bamboo handles and none of the “V” stitching.  The shape is also a bit more tubular.  Lining still to come…

and a little wristlet pouch that I can’t find a good picture of to represent my pouch.  But it’s also a green cotton, with a small wrist strap.  just big enough to carry a bit of money, id and lipstick in.

I will start lining the bags tonight (and hopefully moving some photos off the computer, too), so with any luck – I’ll have actual photos to show you soon!

until then…

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