what’s this?

i’ve been crocheting a lot lately!  The dragonfly artisans are preparing for a craft show – and I am personally preparing for 3 (yes, THREE) shows – that will happen over the next 3 weeks.  when i craft, I usually find myself on the bed, with a movie on the tele and yarn all around me.  Occasionally, i lose things in my mess supplies that sit around me.  barring receiving a new studio just outside my backdoor, like some lucky bloggers , i will continue sitting on my bed – except for the rare occasions I can access my couch (long story – DON’T ask).

so, with such arrangements for my crafting, you’d think i’d be used to something like this happening, but i find it odd and surprising that after a short break for a glass of water in the kitchen, i returned to find, hiding in among the supplies on my bed craft space, this little fellow…


he sneaked in quietly, without a sound.  I wonder if he’d been sitting there very long, watching me and my hook go round and round on a project.  it’s hard to tell with that beard covering so much of his face.  i looked for clues in his eyes, but he was either laughing hysterically at the mess i’d been making, or crying quietly about the pain i’d inflicted on so much yarn!  either way, his eyes were closed and he wasn’t talkin’!

so i quickly found my camera and snapped a photo of him before he disappeared.  he left as quietly as he appeared and left me with nothing but this lone photo as proof.

i wonder if there are more of them roaming around?


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