favorite Etsy shops Wednesday

first off~
let me apologize for not being around more this week. it was not my intention. my plans for blogging were severely crippled by my internet service provider’s inability to give me good, consistent service. i won’t share the long story of it all, but we’ve been unhappy with them (it’s a fairly new service) and we’re hoping they get all the kinks worked out. but you get tired of feeling like a ‘beta’ testing customer…

so – it’s been a week and it’s time for ETSY shops!!  here are this weeks pics:


fringe - etsy shop

fringe - etsy shop

very cool scarves, cowls and original items.

artisan look

artisan look - etsy shop

artisan look - etsy shop

beautiful and elegant

The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest - Etsy shop

The Empty Nest - Etsy shop

unique and funky with an ‘everyman’ feel

Funky Chicken Design

Funky Chicken Design - Etsy shop

Funky Chicken Design - Etsy shop

cool, hip, fun

That’s it for this week!  I do hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of shops!  I think they’re all really fun – and there is something I want from each one!  Now – to make the money so I can buy it all!  LOL

As always – my shops  Enchanted Musing (crochet art) and Enchanted Magpie (paper art) are open and ready for business.  If you don’t see something you want – let me know and we’ll figure out how to get it for you!

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featured shops Wednesday

when i am working on my Etsy shops (Enchanted Musing & Enchanted Magpie), I often find myself looking around at shops of other crafters. many, I like well enough that i’d like to tell others about it!  so, i expect to regularly share with you shops that i think are worth checking out!

this weeks featured shops:


Wearable art, silver fused glass jewelry


Unique crochet and bead jewelry collection

KTB designs

Whimsical crochet and paper crafting.  Many crochet pattern, as well

Lily Cobweb

Unique crochet jewelry & accessories

Iggy Jingles

Beautiful & Unique art dolls

And as always, if you see something you like – anywhere – feel free to convo me & tell me about it.  If it’s not something i make, i’m sure i can help you find it!

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New Etsy Products!

Because I deal with two completely different types of crafts, I decided to open another Etsy store to focus primarily on my paper/scrapbooking style products.


Enchanted Magpie

fancy, shiny, pretty…

current product available:

Child ID Kits

Child ID Kits

"Robotz" Altered Journal

Altered Journals

Hand Bound Spiral Journals

Hand Bound Spiral Journals

Head on over to Enchanted Magpie to see my entire line of creative paper products  and stay tuned to more items coming up weekely!

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FREE shipping in etsy shop!

I’m crafting and photographing items today to get up in the etsy store by this weekend!! many items to come – including my “koko” amigurumi dolls, tiffin totes, and decorative tags! GREAT gifts and stocking stuffers for your family & friends! (come on – take the pledge – buy handmade!)

because this particular holiday season is so rough for so many, i’m looking to help out in ways that I can. I’m offering FREE shipping for purchases from my Enchanted Musing Etsy store this holiday season. That’s right – anytime between today (Black Friday) and December 20th – receive FREE shipping on all of your purchases from Enchanted Musing! Just mention “Paper2Yarn” in your order.

Thanks for shopping Enchanted Musing!!

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