craft faire!

so, the first of 3 (yes, THREE) craft faires in one week is behind me.

The Promenade at Howard Hughes

Craft Fair and Holiday Extravaganza

a RARE sighting of me...

a RARE sighting of me...

also selling is Iggy Jingles:

Iggy Jingles dolls

Iggy Jingles dolls

and a variety of other crafters:

Magnetic Memories by Melanie

Magnetic Memories by Melanie

custom albums by Donna Did It!

custom albums by Donna Did It!

and board book albums and journals by “love and lollipops” – sorry – she left before I could get a photo!

We’ll all be there again!

Friday, Dec 12 from 12 noon to 6pm

The Promenade at Howard Hughes

6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles 90045


Along with my “Dragonfly Artisan” partners:

Saturday, December 13

11am – 5pm

Ocean Charter School

“Winter Faire”

12606 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles 90066

Come visit me at either of theses craft shows and say “Hi!” – and let me know that you read either my Enchanted Musing or Paper2Yarn blog – and receive a FREE gift from me!

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new items in etsy…

head over to my etsy shop and check out the new items I have up.  i’ve been working on my photography and hope this makes my crafts stand out!

Enchanted Musing on Etsy

Trinket Pouches - on Etsy

Trinket Pouches - on Etsy

Crochet Acorns on Etsy

Crochet Acorns on Etsy

The Bees Knees Hives on Etsy

The Bees Knees Hives on Etsy

See you soon…

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what’s this?

i’ve been crocheting a lot lately!  The dragonfly artisans are preparing for a craft show – and I am personally preparing for 3 (yes, THREE) shows – that will happen over the next 3 weeks.  when i craft, I usually find myself on the bed, with a movie on the tele and yarn all around me.  Occasionally, i lose things in my mess supplies that sit around me.  barring receiving a new studio just outside my backdoor, like some lucky bloggers , i will continue sitting on my bed – except for the rare occasions I can access my couch (long story – DON’T ask).

so, with such arrangements for my crafting, you’d think i’d be used to something like this happening, but i find it odd and surprising that after a short break for a glass of water in the kitchen, i returned to find, hiding in among the supplies on my bed craft space, this little fellow…


he sneaked in quietly, without a sound.  I wonder if he’d been sitting there very long, watching me and my hook go round and round on a project.  it’s hard to tell with that beard covering so much of his face.  i looked for clues in his eyes, but he was either laughing hysterically at the mess i’d been making, or crying quietly about the pain i’d inflicted on so much yarn!  either way, his eyes were closed and he wasn’t talkin’!

so i quickly found my camera and snapped a photo of him before he disappeared.  he left as quietly as he appeared and left me with nothing but this lone photo as proof.

i wonder if there are more of them roaming around?


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project updates

i’ve got a few projects i’m working on right now!

purses!!  ooh,  yeah.  i’ve actually made three of them – all crochet – but i now need to line them.  i’m not a sewer sewing person.  i mean, i’ve done it, but i was pushed into it so hard during my youth, that i just can’t stand to do it now.  but here i go.  i’ve actually come up with some cool ways to get around a lot of stuff (and the lack of a sewing maching_.  I’ll hold off on the details of how i’m getting around it until i can prove out that these things can be done this way.  hahahaha

so – since i’ve no personal photos of my work to show (but i assure you – it’s all beautiful!) i’ll load you down with photos of other folks work that is close enough to what I’ve done.

So, this first back is from the same pattern i used “Stitch ‘n Bitch – The Happy Hooker”.  My bag is black, no ribbon and no weird octopus.  Lining to come…

Lori & Friends Homemade Creations

photo credit: Lori & Friends Homemade Creations

Ok – this one only vaguely resembles my next purse.  Mine is in green cotton thread, bamboo handles and none of the “V” stitching.  The shape is also a bit more tubular.  Lining still to come…

and a little wristlet pouch that I can’t find a good picture of to represent my pouch.  But it’s also a green cotton, with a small wrist strap.  just big enough to carry a bit of money, id and lipstick in.

I will start lining the bags tonight (and hopefully moving some photos off the computer, too), so with any luck – I’ll have actual photos to show you soon!

until then…

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i’m still here…

oh, i’ve been busy, oh so busy (yeah, if you’re thinking singing westside story, you’re in my head)

where have i been?  well,  i’ve been crocheting and longing for the opportunity to get back to my beloved paper projects.  my new paper store has been open over 2 weeks and i’ve been in there ONCE to work.  how sad is that?  i’d planned on it this week, but it just didn’t work out.  the good news is that i’m slowly getting things off of my “to do” list – and i’m feeling less stressed about all i tend to take on.  so i’m gearing myself for next week as being my return to paper!

in crochet land – i’m just a mess.  i want to make a purse.  i’ve been cruising blogs and pattern sites and books and pamphlets looking for the perfect pattern.  i find one i like – then buy the yarn, then decide there is something about it that i really don’t like.  sigh.  yeah – i’ve done that a few times now.  usually, i find out that after i make all the pieces for it – i have to sew it together.  I HATE SEWING CROCHET TOGETHER!  ahem.  i’ve done it before and don’t like it one bit.  but for some unknown reason (like my brain is momentarily taken over by little sewing faeries) i buy the pattern anyway – thinking it won’t be that bad.  i know i can crochet pieces together – and i likely would on a purse – but still…

so i’ve started a purse.  actually, i’ve started 3 or 4 purses – all with this same thread that i’ve already started several purses with.  i don’t rip it out, i just decide that it’s going to be something else.  some other purse.  and i’ve finally realized what i’ve wanted to do all along – a purse in the “round”.  not a round purse, per se, but a purse where i’m making it all in one piece – no crocheting or sewing needed afterward.  so – the 12 inch, sc piece i started  (which was to be part of the side of one bag) is now the bottom of my new “design” whereas the walls will be created upon it’s base.  we’ll see where this goes.  this will either turn into a funky tote that i carry around all summer – or it is going to be the longest test of patience and endurance in making it, and realizing it doesn’t work.  stay tuned.

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share time!

as promised, i took some pictures.  i’m not nearly the photographer that bittersweet is (did i mention that i want to be her when i grow up – and does it matter that i’m probably 20+ years older than her?)  but here they are:

camera case  Yep!!  that’s my camera case.  ugh, looking at it close-up lets me see all of my mistakes.  but, i still think it’s cute.  what do you think???

amigurumi bunny with carrot Amigurumi bunny!  i worked hard on this one (and didn’t like sewing it together one bit!)  last night i decided he needed a carrot, too.  still working on getting a face on him.  heehee

sunflower  sunflower!  this was a creation all my own.  i made the purple puff just because i knew how to do it – but quickly realized i didn’t know where to go with it from there.  i think it’s coming along pretty well.  still working on the stem…

hair scrunchie  hair scrunchie – ok, technically, this isn’t part of her easter basket.  i made it out of a book i bought to teach some kids how to crochet.  but she loves it and i think it’s really cute.

Oh, i forgot to get a photo of the chickens, actually, i didn’t forget – they just got out of their pen.  once i round them all up – i’ll show them to you.

ok, for now that’s it.  hope your day is going well and that the only green you’re eating/drinking is the stuff you *meant* to be green! <VBG>

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so behind.

so sorry folks.  i didn’t mean to leave you that long.  it’s been a very busy two weeks in homeschool world.  when california decided to “make homeschooling illegal” (ok – it’s not, but for a while, that was in question)  it caused quite a firestorm that hasn’t yet let up.  while i’m not a *higher up* in our state support groups, there is still a lot for someone like me to do to help support the support groups – so that’s what i’ve been trying to do.

but i’m still crocheting (while i wait for the eminent opening of my new paper home!).  ah, but i just discovered i’ve no photos to show you!  that’s just so wrong of me.  but – i will post some soon.  i want to take beautiful photos of what i do (like bittersweet – whom i secretly envy and wish to be when i grow up).  so until then, i leave you with my bucket:

crocheted craft bucket

to come:  camera case, easter goodies for minime and, and – miscellaneous projects soon to be for sale.

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credit due…

i found these adorable camera cases on a blog – but i can’t remember what blog (and even then, i think it was from yet another blog).  i would truly love to give credit to the creator, but i honestly don’t know who they are.  (if anyone out there does know, please help a sista out – tell me!)


these little beauties have inspired me to make my own version – but in crochet!  doesn’t that just sound like the bees knees?  and to top it off, it requires me to create my first ever *pattern* for it.  for all of you very experienced crocheters out there, i know this isn’t really the most elaborate pattern around – but it’s a big step for me.  so far, i’ve only started work on the body – but i’ll post a photo soon, real soon – of the final piece.  i’m really excited!

to hold you over until then, belfry has been nice enough to post a photo of the buckets i’ve taken to making.  they are easy peesy and can be finished in no time.  i’m even starting to make different sizes.  if i can do it…

stay tuned for camera cases, coming to my blog – real soon!

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happy leap year!


i’ve heard that on feb 29th, women are supposed to ask men for dates.  but this isn’t a dating blog, its a crafting one!  so what a better way to celebrate ‘leap’ year than by featuring some men that craft!

Crochet for Men  chit chat for the men that want to – but aren’t sure they can find others

Crafty Andy – socks galore!

Male Crochet Club – is this anything like “the hair club for men”??

Real Men Also Crochet – check out the YouTube video!

and for the men that just won’t do it – here’s a pattern for some socks you can make for them.

Enjoy your “Leap” day and crochet a frog…  heehee

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